What is Organic Cleaning?

Today, many dry cleaners claim to be organic, but what does organic exactly mean? Don’t be fooled by marketing ploys! The term “organic” has no legal definition where dry cleaners are concerned, and its use can refer to any number of cleaning processes – organic or not. Then why do we (Ruby Cleaners) claim to be organic?

Many dry cleaners claiming to be organic, have started to use new hydrocarbon solvents, which scientifically speaking are organic compounds. However, most if not all solvents are “organic” in terms of the science definition. Being organic does not mean these hydrocarbon based solvents are non-toxic.

Dry cleaners even more recently have started to employ “wet cleaning” and “Carbon dioxide cleaning”. Although these new methods are “non toxic” and safer for the environment, we at Ruby Cleaners still would not call that organic. A bar of soap is non-toxic (hence we wash ourselves using it) but even a bar of soap will cause you problems if you ingest it. Unless ALL THE CHEMICALS used, (organic, non organic, toxic, non toxic) are removed from the fabric after cleaning, it is still not completely harmless and NOT ORGANIC!!

Here at Ruby Cleaners we believe you can only claim to be organic, if you completely remove all the chemicals used in cleaning by the end of the process, and if you pass the EPA’s test on environmental safety. We employ the most advanced cleaning technologies on the market today to guarantee no chemicals are left in your clothes by the time you receive them.

What is wet cleaning?

Traditional dry cleaning uses harsh solvents instead of water to remove stains that are resistant to removal by water. Wet cleaning is a cleaning technique that uses carefully controlled amounts of water, special, non-toxic, plant derived biodegradable detergents, and precision computer operated equipment. It is an alternative to dry cleaning.

Why do clothes smell when they come back from most dry cleaners?

If you ever get your clothes cleaned by a dry cleaners and it comes back with an odor, this probably means they don’t have the technology to remove the chemicals from your clothes and/or they are re-using their dirty solvents over and over again to save money.

Most dry cleaners use a washer that holds three tanks below it. The first tank is new solvent used to clean whites. After weeks of using that solvent for whites, it eventually gets too dirty for use on whites. It actually begins to darken whites. So to cut costs that dirty solvent is moved to the second tank to wash medium colors. And when that gets too dirty it is moved to the third tank to clean dark colored clothes. Disgusting right?? That’s why clothes coming back from most dry cleaners have an odor. Here at ruby cleaners we also re-use our solvents but in a VERY DIFFERENT way. After each wash cycle, the computer operated machine automatically siphons out the solvent and distills it using high heat. The solvent is vaporized and re-condensed making it brand new again. That means each load is using new solvent; not old, dirty solvents like at most dry cleaners. By re-using our solvents we are helping keep the environment clean and safe by creating less waste.
What is Ruby Cleaner's spot removal guarantee?

We Guarantee Spot Removal! If we can’t remove your stain, the NO ONE CAN.
If by some chance one of our competitors is able to remove your stain with out damaging the clothing, then we will give you a FULL REFUND on your clothing.

Look Great - Feel Great in your Fresh Clean Clothes.